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    For further information on our Conservation Medicine project you can read our full Case Study.
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    Case Study: Conservation Medicine

    The brief.

    Conservation Medicine Director Tom Hughes commissioned Green Barrel to create an identity for the organisation that reflected its One Health focussed ethos, as well as a new website which would provide a platform for communicating their mission, activities, publications, resources and media coverage.

    Learn more about Conservation Medicine

    The identity.

    Green Barrel created a simple yet instantly recognisable brand logo that represented the two pillars of the organisation’s activities: scientific research and conservation. The colour ways were chosen to compliment the environment that the organisation works within, the key themes being science, conservation and land-use.

    The branding was then rolled out on business cards and stationary, and the logo mark will be used for future online profiles.

    The website.

    From the start of the project, the client had a wealth of information about their organisational activities, but no website plan as such. Green Barrel provided direction and used our experience to turn that information into engaging content with a powerful message. We also devised a website plan and structured the content so that it would work for all internal stakeholders as well as their audience.

    Whilst the primary requisite of the website was to provide information, Green Barrel saw it as an opportunity to also tell the story behind the issues raised in Conservation Medicine’s studies and reports.

    Using visually striking images of beautiful wildlife, stunning landscapes and educational but emotive messaging, we hope the website not only tells the user what the client does, but just as importantly, why.

    To help tell the story we included as many reportage images from the clients’ projects as possible, giving the user a real view of the progress at ground level amongst the villages and forests they study. The issues raised by Conservation Medicine’s studies are as much about local conservation as global health.

    We also encouraged the client to begin a blog, giving a voice to its diverse staff who work on the frontline of these incredible projects. It’s through the eyes of these key workers and scientists that the story really comes alive and the reality of the situation is made clear. Their passion and honesty only makes their case for conservation more compelling.

    The feedback.

    "Working with Green Barrel on our new branding and website has been a revelation. Their creative thinking and execution is of extremely high quality, and just as importantly they understand what we are trying to do as an organisation. They have shown passion for our cause and helped us communicate our message, as well as giving us an excellent platform to showcase our projects. Now that we can see what's possible, we look forward to continuing our journey together."

    Tom Hughes
    Director, Conservation Medicine

    The future.

    This is just the start of our working relationship as the client looks to present and position themselves in an increasingly controversial field.

    We hope we can continue to help them raise awareness of the impact of the degradation of the natural environment by giving voice to their findings and what they mean for the rest of us humans.

    The next steps will be to create more online video content, tell more stories from the field, get more involved in visualising the exciting data, and report on the findings of the new projects that are currently being worked on in the rainforests of Malaysia.

    Watch this space or follow us on social media to find out more.

    The client.

    One Health organisation Conservation Medicine works in South East Asia (with a focus on Malaysia) to prevent diseases spilling over from animals to humans, as a result of the degradation of the natural environment and the impact of the wildlife trade, and to improve biosecurity and biosafety.

    Whilst the debate rages on over the origins of Covid-19, there’s no denying the risks humankind is taking by increasing deforestation and land-use change, and by continuing to allow the legal and illegal wildlife trade that supplies wet markets for the consumption of wildlife and the international pet trade.

    As Conservation Medicine’s studies help confirm, these activities encroaching into natural habitat increase the chances of humans coming into contact with wildlife and the previously unknown viruses they carry, which have the potential to create future pandemics and healthcare emergencies.

    Conservation Medicine studies provide evidence-based insights on the increasingly critical issues of poor land-use management, excessive deforestation, and illegal wildlife trading throughout South East Asia and beyond.

    As their mantra proposes: Protect the land. Protect the wildlife. Protect the people.


    Relevant Sustainability Goals (SDGs)

    Here are Green Barrel Media we try and work on projects where our client’s values are aligned with UN Sustainability Goals. Below are the goals that Conservation Medicine’s work can help achieve.

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